Muhaabix Areas of Specialization

  • Deep Offshore and Oilfield Maintenance

    We supply equipment and experienced personnel that could be needed in deep offshore operations. We also provide the services needed to keep the machines, equipment etc. in good condition.

  • Dredging

    We are the best in all kinds of underwater excavation activities, in shallow seas or fresh water areas with the purpose of keeping waterways navigable; also to get sand which could be useful in civil construction projects.

  • Equipment/Material Supply Services

    We are available to industrialist for the supply of industrial equipment and accessories such as: Lifting Gears/Accessories, PPE, Communication Equipment, petroleum products etc.

  • Mechanical Construction and Fabrication

    We are the best in mechanical construction and welding fabrication works. A trial will convince you.

  • General Contractor

    In the bid to ensure we satisfy our clients, we have standing technical partnership agreement with key [layers in the oil and gas industry to provide other associated services that could be needed.

  • Marine Vessel Supply

    We are the best in the supply of vessels, boats and barges used in marine transportation of goods, supplies or equipment and even personnel in support of exploration or production of offshore mineral or energy resources.

About Muhaabix Global Services Limited

MUHAABIX GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED was established in 2007 and since inception the company looks back on an outstanding success story and looking forward to a continued growth. To build a high reputation in Engineering and Oil and Gas Services, the company comprises of highly experienced and competent personnel with vast Engineering experience within her area of operation, this further avail us of high quality standard in our service delivery. MUHAABIX GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED backed by its manpower division, has all the requisite experience to undertake the full range of services that cut across her area of operation within the
Oil and Gas sector.
Be among the world’s best place to work where personnel are motivated to do their very best. Bring to the world a portfolio of quality delivery brands while being highly effective as a fast moving organisation. Establish and maintain a value-oriented network of customer/clients, partners and suppliers and together create an enduring value in the oil and gas industry. Read more..

What People Say's
I would like to recognize Muhaabix Global Services Limited as having participated in the Escravos Gas-to-Liquids Project starting In 2009 to the present. EGTL is a highly complex, mega project being constructed by Chevron in Escravos, in Delta State. Muhaabix's work scope has been to provide marine transport services for EGTL workers on the Escravos River between Warri and Escravos. Muhaabix has provided this service for over 3 years now and for over 50,000 passengers to date without a single HES or other downtime incident during this period of time. Read more..

-Michael H. Kraly
Recent Projects